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Low power mode was off during the recent tests, Big. Previously I've tried with it on and off with no difference. Looks like my issue is power related, maybe through inactivity.

Would be interested if connecting to power via USB or playing music via Bluetooth helps anyone else with these issues.
Hi all,

I have the Go 510 and 2 iPhone 7's. One of them works perfectly, the other one (my wife's) has the same issue as mentioned here.

We always USB charge our phone while driving, and for her this doesn't seem to affect the issue. Also 2 weeks ago have sent the phone to apple and it came back with no problems found. Connection to cars hands free never fails on her phone.
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Interesting, TomValckx.
Could your wife try playing music bluetooth to the car, without any USB connection?

And does she have any Apps installed that are not on your iPhone?
OK, here we go...

- I got to the car with only her phone and connected it to the cars infotainment system (no USB, only Bluetooth) and played some spotify music from the iPhone on the car. While the music was playing I turned on the TomTom and connected to the phone. Normally it just takes up to 2 seconds to disconnect, and then again connect, etc, etc... after 30 seconds it was still connected. 2 minutes...connected....

- than I closed the spotify app to see what would happen....still connected

- I turned off the car, closed everything and waited for 2 minutes...turned everything back on (no music playing on the phone) got connected by itself and the connection didn't stop for all the time I was waiting, I used the my drive app to give in the destination and it synchronized immediately.

- than as a test I did a soft reset of the TomTom device by holding the button until the TomTom drums and the device did a startup, got connected to her phone....and stayed that way.

This is the first time ever it stayed connected for more than just a few seconds, actually it stayed connected at all.

To be sure this wasn't just a lucky shot, I will only use her phone in the car tomorrow, without playing any music on it. I have to do a few rides so if it works all the time, maybe the problem solved itself. I'll let you know tomorrow.
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Really interesting, thanks.

Seems like playing music over bluetooth keeps the TomTom Bluetooth active. I did a 5 hour journey with the music playing and TomTom connected. A few minutes from home I turned the music off and seconds latter the phone disconnected.

Look forward to more tomorrow.

So far so good. On my iPhone I switched off bluetooth and personal hotspot before we went to the car, so only my wife's Phone could connect.

And it did automaticly, I used the MyDrive app to sync destination and it worked perfect, stayed connected for the full half hour ride. Made one stop with closing the car etc, when we came back in the car, connected itself again and continued the navigation without any problem.

At least 3 more rides need to be done in the afternoon.

Today all of this is done without playing any music or doing something else on the iPhone. Just the bluetooth and personal hotspot were active and the Phone was connected to the TomTom and bluetooth of the cars system (without actually using it). Phone was connected to the 12V charger, but when I tried yesterday evening it wasn't and also worked perfect.

I will continue following this thread, but as long as you don't hear me, everything works fine...

If there are any questions or tests you want me to do, feel free to ask.
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TomValckx, glad is is working for you.

I know from experience that you might now get dropouts about every hour with no music via bluetooth, but with music you should be alright.

I know MikkoK monitors this thread, so maybe MikkoK you could pass this on to the tech team. I think this issue is either power related, or that playing music too somehow creates a stronger/better bluetooth connection.
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Hi all,

Thanks for all your feedback here!

I'm indeed monitoring this and passing your findings to our technicians.

Cheers, Mikko
I found this thread after experiencing problems after I upgraded from an iPhone 6 to the iPhone 7. As others have reported, the phone would connect and then disconnect after 2 seconds, then connect and disconnect again ........

I took the unit and phone away from the car so I could discount any interference from the car's bluetooth system. Still the same issue.

I have now completed a full factory reset on the TomTom, deleted the TomTom from the phone's devices and then carried out all of the TomTom updates. It did take a while though so be warned 🙂

I am pleased to report that, after completing all updates, and reconnecting the phone and TomTom, the connection seems solid. Let's hope that lasts and that a similar process helps others.
I too am experiencing the problem with iphone that connects and then disconnects after 2 seconds, then connects and disconnects again and again etc.......
I have read this entire thread and have tried all the attempts to rectify without any success.
I had to change my iphone 6s for a new one and have had nothing but trouble since.
I do not use my tomtom all the time for directions as I often make repeat journeys and am familiar with the routes but the facility to provide a heads up of congestion and roadworks etc en-route and the facility to provide the option of an alternative route is invaluable. Of course without a connection to my iphone this important facility does not work.
This problem appears to be a known issue with tomtom and does anybody know if there is a work around and if they are actively trying to find a solution? Do they have advice on how to proceed with this problem?
I once dealt with their customer service and it was a very unpleasant experience and am nervous of engaging with them again.
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@claretfc It is a known issue in one sense but certainly the great majority of iPhones are working fine. There are many things to try, each of which have solved the problem for SOME people. For example, I ended up totally wiping my iPhone and satnav and then reinstalling and connecting the app and finally restoring the phone from backup -- that fixed the issue for me. Other's have tried this with no success. Then, there are people like you, who have tried everything and still experience the problem. This makes the problem(s) very hard to track down because they are so difficult to reproduce with any consistency.

I do think TomTom is trying to sort it out but the inconsistency is maddening, I'm sure. If you've tried everything here I'm not sure what is left to try.
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If all else fails contact Customer Services as they have a lot more 'spies' that they can use to see what is happening at your end, so give them a call

CS United Kingdom
02079 490 134
Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
thanks. will do tomorrow
Hi Niall et al
I did ring customer services as suggested and they recommended that I reset network settings in my iphone 6s by doing this........
Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. The phone shut down and rebooted after a short while.
I had earlier reset my satnav (if that is of any significance)
I then had to reconnect my iphone that worked this time and a connection was established and then reactivated mydrive.
All appears to be well and it is working to my great relief.
I was helped by customer services representatives who were both excellent and thanks indeed to Niall for recommended that I made a call to them.
Fingers crossed that this issue does not return.
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Glad that my recommendation was helpful and that you now have a working device
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Hello all, especialy MikkoK and Mr Big.

Here is another update on my position: after almost a year I can no recreate the iPhone connecting and disconnecting issue on my hardware at will. I know the situation may be different for others.

By playing music through bluetooth from my iPhone to the car, at the same time as the iPhone is connected to the TomTom, I create a "solid" bluetooth connection. However, over the last month I occasionally have had the bluetooth disconnection issue again, which brings down the car and TomTom bluetooth. But I now know what causes it to happen. It occurs after I turn the TomTom off (rather than letting it go to sleep) or reset it by a TT drumroll.

After doing either of these two things, I get disconnects until I play music again, this returns the "solid" connection until I switch off or reset again.

So, on my equipment at least the "solid" connection seems to be broken by something that occurs when the TomTom is switched off or reset.

Hope this helps the techs, MikkoK.
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Hi The engineerman,

Thanks for your input again! I'll forward this to our technicians.

Cheers, Mikko

I just tried these steps and they didn't solve the problem for me. I've tried every other workaround I can find, too.

Stumbled across this forum today whilst trying to get my TomTom working properly. People seem to have been reporting this kind of problem for a number of years, across multiple model numbers, and TomTom unfortunately doesn't seem to have a solution or even a consistently successful workaround. I've got a ticket logged with Customer Services, so I'll report back if they have anything useful to add.

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Hi. I am having problems with connecting to Bluetooth on my 500 go. I have had it for years with no previous issues. It has been previously connected to a number of apple and Nokia Lumia phones. However, it constantly connects and disconnects which ever phone I use. I have done all the above suggestions several times. The iPone has had several software updates during the time the problems have been going on. The old Nokia has not. Everything else will connect to either phone and tethering works fine. Occasionally, the Go500 connects and the traffic updates. But most of the time, nothing.
Hi.... my tom-tom keeps disconnecting from my I phone.... I have tried all the fixes but still have no luck.... am thinking about replacing the tom-tom but afraid i will still have the same problem
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Check with support. Many are reporting the same problem:
+1 877-757-7137
Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST
My Go 60 looses connection to my phone every 10 seconds. Phone connects but looses connection before any my device can give any information on traffic
Same happens to my go500 and iphone 7. Never had any issues with old phone this has only happened since I upgraded last month
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Support to help (hopefully):
United States
Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST

United Kingdom
02079 490 134
Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
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Reported to support and gave a full description of the problem and all my attemps to resolve by resetting phone and TomTom
etc. All I got back was a generic “can you phone tether, can it connect to the internet. If so then follow the instructions to reset ....” very disappointing to say the least.



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