GO 620 connection failure to MyDrive and Traffic

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My new GO 620 cannot connect to MyDrive and Traffic via Bluetooth / Smartphone (internet). I have done both a soft and factory reset and uninstalled/ reinstalled MyDrive on my smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S 4) but to no avail. Are others having the same problem and is there a fix?

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See the link in the banner to this thread https://en.discussions.tomtom.com/mydrive-connect-474/problems-with-mydrive-connect-and-accessing-tomtom-services-on-the-device-1041706
Hi Niall,

From my understanding my problem seems to be different to the one you advised me to look at. My unit can access MyDrive Connect, MyDrive app and traffic via WiFi, but cannot access MyDrive and Traffic via my Smartphone. What is your thoughts about this?
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In another post
VikramK wrote:

Another problem is with the logging into TomTom Services or MyDrive on the devices(mostly WiFi) - Getting the error- Oops We are having trouble accessing TomTom services. Please try again later. This for the moment seems to the related to the point 2 (in the banner link)

is this what you get?
I think I've had some luck with resolving the problem of not being able to connect to Mydrive and Traffic via Bluetooth/Smartphone. For the third time I have uninstalled / reinstalled the Mydrive app and by doing this the unit is now working correctly.



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