Go 6000 TomTom Traffic not connecting?

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My Go 6000 will not connect to Live Services. It shows as disconnected. Tried multiple rebootsites with no joy. Any clues?

Best answer by MikkoK 24 March 2017, 12:07

Hi all,

We've now finished re-activating all SIM cards that were affected by this and you should be able to use TomTom Services again 😃 Please note, that it might take up to 24 hours for the changes to take affect.

It is possible that few SIM cards were missed and might still be affected by this issue. If you suspect being affected by this, please check here whether your issue matches the description and here for further troubleshooting tips.

We're very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you and thank you for your patience while we worked on fixing it!

Cheers, Mikko

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Mines doing the same have a Go 5000 rebooted it noting and under network Status It as GPRS Status Disconnected.
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Going by your name it may be geographical, I'm in Romford. Didn't work on M25 or M23
Yes your right in live Dagenham but just been to Upminster and back and never worked once.
Same problem in the Netherlands with my GO 5000
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Anything here?:

Are you logged into MyDrive on the device?
Nope... My GO 5000 will not connect to the mobile network.
(as if the sim-card is rejected)
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Same here, won't connect so can't sign in.
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Afraid you'll need support assistance on Monday then:

United Kingdom
02079 490 134
Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Nederland (Holland)
020 850 1007
Maandag t/m vrijdag van 9.00 tot 17:30
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Looks like Vodafone have got a few problems in your area


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Check out the Vodafone coverage in Holland for your area
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Vodafone are not reporting any issues in my area, still no Live Services. I travelled 70 miles away yesterday and had no services the entire time. I went to Cornwall, so 320 miles away Tuesday/Wednesday with no issues. So whatever happened, happened sometime Thursday or Friday.
My 5000 wont connect either. M25 right into central London and back, yesterday 17th March and again today.
My Go 6000 also stopped working yesterday with the GPRS status as Disconnected. I've tried to reset my device but now cannot log in to live services with the cellular connection still showing a Disconnected as the issue. As a result I've lost all my favourites on my device. I'll be contacting TT on Monday morning as I need this resolved.
My Go 5000 is having exactly the same problem! The same as Heracles1978, I reset my unit but it will not log into Live services.
The services went down yesterday (Friday 17th) between 10am - 11am just as I was going into the Isle of Dogs, London.
Being a minibus operator I NEED these services, I've just been into Piccadilly today and I'm back into Piccadilly tomorrow to collect customers going to Gatwick Airport.
Very bad service from Tomtom, I would have expected them to be on the ball with thousands of units sold in the UK but over 24hrs now and no resolve.
Seriously thinking of buying a different satnav now, not the first time this has happened 😞
So, I also have the same issue (I am located in The Netherlands).
I have been doing some research and thinking...

By any chance, any current owners of a GO5000/5100/6000/6100 having this issue right now, did you used to own a previous model with a built-in SIM card?

I personally used to own a "TomTom XL LIVE" and before that a "TomTom One XL HD Traffic", both had build-in SIM cards.
Could they have deactivated SIM cards for the "TomTom XL LIVE", and by mistake also have deactivated SIM card for my current device?

Anyone familiar with this link, combined with the GO5000/5100/6000/6100 models?
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I did indeed previously have such a devise
I also had a previous device, Tomtom via 125. Such a pain having to wait until Monday at the earliest for any action on this. 😡
My tom tom 6000 won't connect either they need to sort this quicker than what they are
same in Germany:
GPRS connection problem
I also have no connection though mysteriously when I connect to my PC it connects for a minute or so then goes down
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Just to advise I am in North Kent near Dartford Crossing and the M25 and my GO5000 is logging into Tomtom Live Services straight away. I also have a Tomtom Via Live.
Samen in the Netherlands sincde Last Friday no connection with my Go 5000. did reset it twice however issue remains.
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Still no joy in Romford.
another journey without live services. So I ended up the wrong side of a parade. Not good TOM TOM. Please can you fix this problem I rely on your services
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From the general noise on the forums it looks like the European Traffic server(s) are down, and as this started late Friday afternoon we will have to wait till TomTom staff come back into the office on Monday for it to be fixed!! 😠