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My GO 60 volume will not increase. I have turned the volume control to 100% but it is still low and I am having great difficulty hearing the directions.

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Is the battery fully charged?
I have the same problem with my GO 50. It started after the latest firmware update. Now Samantha speaks in a barely audible whisper even with the volume at 100%. I've tried a drum roll reset and a hard reset to no avail.
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RRJ, is your battery fully charged?
Yes. And the low volume continues when the unit is plugged into the car charger.
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Apparently, the latest application update had an unannounced 'feature' whereby if the system detected a diminished battery level, it reduced the volume of the voice, regardless of whether the setting was 100% or not.

Having the device connected to the car charger does not mean the battery is at 100%. For the heck of it, connect the device to the computer (or, even better, an AC charger if you have one) for at least two hours. The device does not have to be on.

Then check the volume level.
I do have an AC charger and I'll do as you suggest and report back here with the results.
Thanks for your help.
Add me to that battery is fully charged and the volume is just a whisper. Can't hear the voice at highway speeds. It was also fine before the latest software release.
Hopefully TomTom is looking at these comments and will take the appropriate action to sort it out.
Following dhn's suggestion, I fully charged my GO 50 yesterday using an AC charger. It had no effect on the sound volume. Samantha is still inaudible at highway speeds.
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Hi all,

Thanks for reporting this issue!

We're aware of it and investigating. As dhn explained above, this released introduced a power saving feature. Please ensure that the device is fully charged by connecting to a computer / wall outlet for ~2hrs. Iif the device is below a certain threshold on the battery, the volume will be reduced by 20% (even at max setting). We are actively looking into customer feedback at this time.

Cheers, Mikko
My GO 400 is the same, can barely hear it even after being fully charged.
This is one "feature" I wish they would remove. I really do not see the need - only creates problems.
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What is the point of introducing a "feature" that makes the device useless in normal operation? Thank goodness I haven't updated mine yet.
Come on TomTom. Obviously this update is a disaster!!!! Sort it out pronto.
Let us worry about whether our devices are fully charged. Just sort out the problem.
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I have the same problem, after upgrade to new firmware (v15.600) the volume is very very low.
I think this power saving should be disabled when I the TomTom connected to the car.
Please fix this bug in anyway.
just purchased GO 60s (2/13/16). Volume very low at 100%. I applied all updates. Hard to hear when driving. It would be nice if you could connect a Bluetooth speaker.
Are you there TomTom?
As you can see there are still problems with the volume level. N\It would be nice if you gave us an up to date comment so we know you are trying to sort it out.
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Hi Ben,

This issue is still under investigation. I'll post back here when I have news about it.

Cheers, Mikko
This is poor i bought my device to replace one i had before. i updated thinking i was doing to the right only to cant hear directions on my trip. i am returning this device. never had such poor quality for tom tom before.
I cannot believe an organisation your size and with your experience are still not able to resolve this problem. What about a restore to a date prior to the problem?
So i sent an email to support. lets see how soon they reply. i have about 15 days left to return my device. Its Been a month since this was brought up. And it has not been addressed yet. One working day for reply. After that i am sending it back.
I agree this is taking entirely too long to resolve. I posted my original comment a month ago. Come on TomTom, this isn't that difficult. NO ONE want's this "feature". Remove it now!
Expect nothing, I have a GO500 for over one month with the same problem, NO SOUND! The worst service I have ever experienced about software updates.
Well Thanks for the feedback. I just initiated a return from the retailer. Was there, is there a solution? but as far as i see there is none. My trip started bad kids complaining because i had to keep the radio off because i could not hear the device. i eventually had to switch to my phone which is what i never wanted since i bought a GPS unit. Tom Tom letting us down with a lot of things.


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