Cannot login to MyDrive (WiFi is connected)


I just purchased a Go 520 because my old TomTom is dying, it sometimes just crashes. So I just purchased a new one like one hour ago. I wanted to update the TomTom because I need to travel over about 9 hours, theres not much time left. One of the key reasons why I did purchase the device was because it did highlight "easy to update".

I am unable to login with my account, already reset the password but still it is unable to connect to MyDrive, it says unable to connect to the service, on the same network on my laptop I can login successful. I am also not able to update the device by using my computer.. HOW can I use my device now? When I search on Google for MyDrive or down time I see a lot of reported issues.

I need help with this. If I can't use the device and can't update(also not manually) I will have to bring it back to the store.... I NEED a working solution !

By the way why is it so that if the smart update feature isn't working I am not able to update at all. There always should be a fallback option to do it manually ??

Logic: cannot reach login service.
User promt: do you want to use offline mode?
Yes: enable local update service on device, plug in to pc (like back in the days)
Manual download update package (you can encrypt this package if you are afraid for reverse engineering guys. Load this package and muanal update..

Why is this not here this kind of feature..
Bandwidth problem? P2P should be perfect for this, even Microsoft uses it for loval and public(?) update sharing...

I am surprised, after all those years in the "smart" devices world we live in right now.

PS FiX the SLUGGISH lagging forum message editor on mobile devices. I can hardly type this message.......... What forum cms is this? Please contact the vendor of the cms and let them look intro it, it's not my phone I use my phone a lot nowadays ans never experienced something like this, unless I am doing some sort of heavy CPU load stuff, which is not happening right now, I have LineageOS and cpu mon in my upperbar next to cell tower quality.


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ATB YFM, sorry?
Thw navigation worked, but it had a few bugs. I just arrived home, it is updating now.
Kegeltje wrote:

The navigation worked, but it had a few bugs (it told me stay in the right lain and then suddenly go left) I just arrived home, it is updating now. I hope that fixes the issue, my device still had a old firmware.

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Stay or Keep Right is usually Tomtom speak for Don't turn Left... When we first had the Tomtom the 'Keep Right' had us changing lanes all the time until we realised... Keep Right usually means Don't turn Left

In your journey were there two exits fairly close to each other... 1st exit instruction 'Keep Right' (Don't turn Left)... 2nd exit instruction Turn left (Turn left)




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