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I noticed that the text colums of all topics is narrower than before.

Can the width of the text column be extended? This has some advantages:
1. You don't need to scroll as much as now is required to read all answers in a topic.
2. Wider images can be attached; this makes them often easier to read, especially when there's text in the images.

To realise this, related topics can be moved from the right side of a topic to below a topic. Since releated topics now are disappearing from the screen when scrolling through the answers, it is smart to see them under the topic (on each subpage of that topic). Then it's not that easy to miss them anymore.

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It is supposed to automatically adjust to the size of screen and/or device. It quite obviously doesn't and in my case, I have posted this elsewhere but it falls on deaf ears or ignorance, on my 17" laptop it occupies about one third of the screen to the left of centre. The remainder is a grey wall of nothing.
On my 5.5" phone screen it fills it. So there's been an obvious bias to design this awful format for mobile phones.



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