'Unable to submit form. Refresh page and try again'

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That's what I'm getting when I try to reply to posts at 2 pm ET (gmt-5)

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I also can not edit this post
SB url=
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Hi Dhn

That problem seems to be solved now.

@Niall, I fixed your comment there, and now when I try to edit it, it seems to work.Could you try this as well, please? Just to confirm...

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Thanks for that, what was the problems? As I noticed that you had to log me out!
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Hi Niall

No, I did no have to log you out. Frankly I am not sure what had happed. Before I could have reported it to insided the problem was fixed.

May be some temproary glitch on their servers or may be something else...🕵🏻




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