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Yes, there is some problem other than just the expiry date of the collapsed cookie.
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So are InSided going to change the cookie expiry date/time to end this every other day collapse fiasco?
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Hi Niall,

Sorry for my late reply!

There are some bigger changes around the corner so I doubt it's worth spending much time on this right now.

Cheers, Mikko
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So when ARE InSided going to fix this, not a happy bunny
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The new forum software still has this tiresome glitch, are InSided going to fix this, this is a bug not something that needs to be negotiated!! This is an InSided induced bug
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The cookie had been corrected. It should last for one year now.
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I can't even accept the cookie. The message bar pops up at the top of my window whenever I go into the forum and disappears in a split second before I can hit the allow button.
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Same here...........
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Here too I see that bar for a split second.
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Looks like the last tinkering by InSided cocked it up good and proper
Of the 8 cookies
'Session' expires when the browsing session ends
'ae191a4349e89b7e8b3e0f1d110eb1d8' expires when the browsing session ends
'collapsed' expires in a years time
'currentUserDevice' expires one day after creation
'insidedCookiePrivacyLevel' expires in a years time
'lastactivity' expires in about 6mths time
'new_visit' expires 30 minutes after creation
'window.cookiesAccepted' expires in a years time
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Looks like a 'user' has also spotted this glitch



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