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I really do not understand how this reply system works. Before this latest log in requirement it was so easy to just post a reply. Now you are viewing a discussion and want to reply so you log in but instead of staying on the original thread all I get directed to list of heading at which point I am completely lost. This the main reason why I rarely post there days

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Hi tugman,

A company wide security change was implemented a while ago forcing all sites on the tomtom.com domain to log the user out when closing the browser. As we use the same TomTom account on all our various online platforms, this measure was taken to protect customers' data.

Here on the forum this is of course annoying, but unfortunately it can't be helped. However, the logging behaviour with remembering the page you were on is something we need to look into. Meanwhile, once you've logged in you can just hit the Back button to get back to the page you were on and F5 to refresh to page to get logged in again.

Cheers, Mikko
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Cheers but I tried that and I had to log in again but then later I realised somehow I was able to comment.
To answer your question it is the scale rider Q1 and Q2 sets



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