Question: Sony XAV-601BT / XAV-602BT

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10 December 2013, 10:08


I'm looking for a Sony all-in-one solution for my Alfa Romeo GT and was very interested by the Sony XAV-601BT and XAV-602BT (which are almost the same).

But unfortunately I'm living in Belgium and on the sony website I can only buy the XAV-601BT:


And in the good descrpition, they speak about:

Navigation par satellite - Une antenne GPS externe et un module de navigation par satellite TomTom® en option permettent de planifier rapidement des itinéraires précis.

Wich means:

Satellite Navigation - An external GPS antenna and a navigation module by TomTom ® (in option) can quickly plan specific routes.

So I contacted Sony and they told to ask you for the TomTom navigation module option. Where can I buy these? At which price?

Or in other words, WHERE CAN I BUY A COMPLETE SONY SOLUTION WITH TOM TOM NAVIGATION? (be carreful I'm living in Belgium)

I hope you could help me to find one...

Thanks a lot,


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    10 December 2013, 16:26

    The add-on module has been discontinued for more than a year. You may find one on eBay or other such sites. (The 601BT is also long since discontinued; I'm not sure why the 602BT isn't available in your location, but you might consider other options, such as having it shipped from outside of your area.)

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    13 December 2013, 17:54

    I have read on another forum that an XNV-L77BT user has been able to reuse te module of the XNV on the XAV-601.

    He said he did have to change the connecting cable : http://www.tomtomax.fr/forum/viewtopic.php?f=113&t=21805&p=305356#p305356

    He said also that the XAV-601 was an very sensible upgrade from the XNV-L77BT.

    Now has come the time of the XAV-602BT and there is also another module that is Sony branded this time. I am curious to know whether the old Tomtom module could fit the new XAV-602BT.

    My recommendation is buy the XAV-602BT + Sony module on Internet and let it mount by a knowledgeable professional.

    This is what I did years ago with the XNV-L77BT and I am living in Belgium also.

    There is simply no support for this kind of appliance here in Belgium (I have searched and didn't find and it is known that Sony has no or weak support from the community of professional installers).

    Now this is not a good plan for someone who needs After sales support.

    There is another drawback in this plan : Tomtom doesn't offer lifetime traffic and map updates for these modules, so it's a hidden cost of about 100/year. What a shame!
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