Question: In car Nav System running Windows CE 6.0

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31 July 2011, 02:25

I have purchased a direct fit 7" nav screen DVD audio system for my 2008 Toyota Rav 4 and it shows to support TomTom navigation maps.  Anyone know how to install TomTom on one of these using a MicroSD card?  Here is info on system: http://www.lightinthebox.com/7--Digital-Touch-Screen-Car-DVD-Player-GPS-TV-FM-Ipod-Steering-Wheel-Control-Bluetooth-For-Toyota-RAV4-2009-SZC2208-_p91971.html

Excellent system so far, but unable to get Nav software of any type to load.

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  • Bodan

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    14 September 2011, 05:37

    Hi does your system come with the IGO 8 software. I to have purchased one of these but have had no luck trying to get tomtom on it how have you gone??
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