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For updating maps, you need USB drive formatted to FAT32. you unzip downloaded files to USB key and plug in usb key into your vehicle (car must be running because update takes half an hour to complete - you can update during a longer trip(tested!))

for updating firmware see previous posts (you need to download extra the license folder)
I have done all that with both the V5 and V6 maps downloaded from Citroen France. Both failed due to a corrupt file? I now have the V3 maps so I will try them next.

(I currently have 1.01 maps!!!)
Have only got the update to 5 from france
Does anyone need version 6.0?
Where do you find version 6 please
V6 maps downloaded from Citroen France
Mine is still only showing v5?
They were on their site for a few days, so they removed and put back V5 😞
Why? I do not know the answer.
I can help by putting V6 in my Dropbox and sharing a link with you for a week.
Does this fit for you?
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I have been reading this thread with interest as I have ordered a Grand C4 Picasso with "Flair" trim level. It is arriving late December 2017 / early January 2018!

The "Feel" and "Flair" trim levels of the Grand C4 Picasso have a "Citroën Connect Box emergency & assistance system".

I managed to find this PDF on the Citroen UK site which may be of help....

At the top of the PDF document is says "If you have Citroën Connect Box Emergency & Assistance Pack buttons, you have an embedded SIM card with data. If not, your connected services will only run using smartphone data when tethered."

Does this mean that the "Feel" and "Flair" trim level Grand C4 Picassos will auto update the firmware and maps, and I will not need to tether my phone? Or is this just for real-time data?

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I found this on the UK C4 Owners forum...

Map download links TomTom Europe:
V3 -
V4 -
V5 -
V6 -

Aparently "The version 6 map update was only available for about 2 weeks before tomtom withdrew it apparently due to problems with it although I have it installed and havent had any problems. The latest version now being offered is 5.0.1 . Not sure if they will reissue 6 or go straight to 7 but will let you know when I get the update offered."
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According to a post on the C4Owners website, V.6.0.1-r0 is now available to download. This probably solves the issues that caused V6.0.0 to be withdrawn.
will try it tommorow
I am just getting to grips with the Connect Nav system on my new Grand C4 Picasso... TomTom Live Traffic activated and all well. Does anyone know if there is a setting to display the time remaining on a journey, rather than the time of arrival? Thanks
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V7.0.0 is downloadable...

This is a bit soon after V6.0.1 was released?????????
Hi all, a lot of new info on this forum, thanks everybody!
I have had no luck with ver.6 and the car keeps saying map update failed. So, today I shall test it with the new 6.0.1 and 7.0.0. Maybe with those it will work. Also, I noticed that the license file is no longer available on the french download site.
As always the UK Citroen site has no links to updates and my server connection has been withdrawn from the UK MyCitroen app without any notice.
Hope Citroen and TomTom will somehow sort out all these problems!:?
Version 7.0.0 was downloadable yesterday, but today they're showing 6.0.1... In any case, I updated the maps without problems.
It is important to use Windows to create the USB media, using a tool such as 7zip (which is free). The installer contains a file with AES256 checksums, one of which is of a subdirectory (folder) on the USB drive. Because of the differences between Operating Systems, if the archive is unpacked on a Mac or Linux (anything that isn't Windows), the checksum of the directory will be totally different and when this checksum doesn't match, the update aborts after a few seconds with a message that the media is invalid. My first attempts at creating the USB drive were on a Mac, and didn't work even when I "fixed" the offending checksum.
The file is a "tar-archive" and not a ZIP file, so you'll need to use a tool that recognises this type of archive (the Windows Explorer doesn't). Another reason why the update might fail is that the USB stick is larger than 16GB. I have only done the updates using a 16GB USB drive, but it is possible that the code that examines the validity of the update folder fails when it is stored on a larger device.
Summary: all updates (4.0.0 -> 5.0.0, 5.0.0 -> 6.0.1 and finally 6.0.1 -> 7.0.0) I did using a 16GB USB drive created with 7zip on a Windows 10 computer worked without issues.
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The planete-citroen website are reporting that V7 has a date of 15/09 which technically makes it older than V6.0.1! By looking at the maps people have found newer roads on V7 so hopefully the date is simply wrong.
Clearly, Citroën is a car company, and needs to hone its computing skills. 😀 The MyCitroen website could do with some (actually a lot of) TLC.
I hope the v7.0.0 date is wrong, as I am not going to waste another 35 minutes (and fuel) reloading V6.0.1.
That being said, and speaking as the former owner of a 2015 Grand C4 Picasso, the latest infotainment system is a huge step up from the previous one (Multicity Connect), and the onboard navigation system is also much better.
keep getting media error
Hi macyorky, make sure your USB key is 16GB, and that you've formatted it as FAT32 (dont' use quick format if you're suspecting a bad USB drive). To copy the downloaded maps (or software update), use the (free) 7zip program. Open the file using 7zip, and drag the two entries at the root to the root of your USB key. If you continue to get media errors, your key or your download could be bad. Note that the download file is not in ZIP format; it's a tar archive, which doesn't have a built-in checksum, As a result, success in opening the file with 7zip doesn't mean the file is not corrupt.
Where are you getting the updates from cause I can't find them ? Is there a link and is there a firmware update I can download? And also has anyone got the speed limit recognition system working I have the frint facing cam but there is no option in the settings to turn it on ..will that be in the new firmware ?
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Since then...

V7 is dated in September so technically it is older than V6.0.1 however that is a mistake on Citroen's part as the maps are newer in V7.
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For firmware
Thankyou any idea if we can download the system firmware because it's taking nearly a week now for my dealer to get back to me as he's trying to find out how to do it
Mine's not the smeg system its the nac connect nav system in mine



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