Carminat Tomtom (renault megane 2014) crashes when live services updates incidents.

I have kept my carminat tomtom updated since I had this car, recently though when I plan a route, it finds it and plans my route.
With this version of carminat when I see incidents on my route I can select info on these incidents.
When I select this (and I am near London (Staines is my place of work)), the tomtom struggles to get the map updated with all the incidents and crashes the Carminat tomtom.
It does recover but I have to wait until I am further away from London to look at the info again, is this too much data that the tomtom is trying to update and this is the cause of this issue??
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Shouldn't be. As they use "only" around a 120 km radius, it is a few kB only. Try a soft reset:
I thought of that before I posted this issue, so that has already been done. I seems to show all the S E of England before it crashes and not my area I am driving in .