Question: Mazda 6 Navigation System NB1 LIVE

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19 November 2013, 13:30

Hi guys,


I'm really confused regarding the LIVE services on my NB1 system. Have been browsing this forum and understand that many seem to have issues getting the LIVE servies to work, however, none of the soultions I've been able to find seem to apply to me.


The thing is, picked up my Mazda 6 about one month ago and can't for the life of me get the LIVE services working.

Goin into Services on my unit I have 3 options, Speed cameras, Traffic and Map corrections. Opening up Traffic I am able to get some sort of informations in regards to construction work etc. but traffic information is very inaccurate or not working at all.


From what I understand there should be a trial period of the live servces included with the car?


I also have connected my phone via Bluetooth (Samsung Galaxy S3), phone and audio works fine. I have enabled Bluetooth tethering, nut going into "Network" shows me that the phone is not connected, get no bars, no IMIE info etc. it's all blank.


I have really tried finding information on how to get this up and running but to no success.

Any help is much appreciated!

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    20 November 2013, 22:03

    I guess the key question is...have you applied the latest software update?
  • dimka

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    21 November 2013, 14:31



      it seems like there is no Live services in DK, NO and SE. Or - at least I was told by TomTom CS that Mazda DK has no Live subscription with TomTom for their cars. Renault for example has ..


     see here http://www.mazdas247.com/forum/showthread.php?123830630-TomTom-Live-HD-traffic-not-working-in-Denmark-Sweden-and-Norway




  • Coutin

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    7 December 2013, 19:48

    Just curious, the reason why LIVE services are not available for Mazda 6 in certain countries (like the US) is technical or because of "business reasons or regulations"?

    Is there any hope we could have LIVE services available in the US some day?

    Thank you

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    8 December 2013, 03:43

    As far as I know, the US NB1 does not have a SIM slot.
  • Gewitty

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    9 December 2013, 17:36

    Not sure if this is of any help, but I also have a Mazda 6 for around four months now.


    As you say, there is a four month free trial period for the LIVE services, after which you need to take out an annual subscription for £55.


    My LIVE trial ran out recently and I successfully renewed my subscription using TomTom Home. However, after the subscription had been accepted, I was unable to get LIVE services working, despite following the instructions supplied and having also updated the softwre to the latest version.


    I queried this with my dealer, who was also baffled, and subsequently contacted TomTom phone support. To my pleasant surprise I got talking to a very helpful lady within a couple of minutes. I explained the problem and she suggested that I first try a soft reboot of the system by taking the SD card out and then reinserting it. If that didn't work, she suggested that I go into the system menu and do a full factory reset. The soft boot had no effect, so I went for the factory reset, despite the fact that this wipes all favourites from the memory. LIVE services were still not working after that, so I checked the NB1's network connection, which showed that the unit had failed to pick up a mobile signal, despite the fact that I was in a good signal area. I even tried driving over to our local telephone exchange, which has more mobile phone antennas on the roof than GCHQ - but still no connection.


    At that point I gave up as I had to make a trip out of town. It was only when I got into the car to return from my journey that I noticed that the LIVE indicator had appeared on the screen. Why it took all that time is still a mystery to me, but since then it's been working just fine.

  • elgaz

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    25 June 2014, 14:22

    Just in case anyone is still reading this, do you have Information Sharing enabled?  (Settings --> Status & Info --> My Information).  I don't think Live Services are available until you enable this option.

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