Question: How in the heck do I connect or update my sony xnv-660bt?

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22 May 2011, 06:57

Ok, this may be a dumb question, but how in the heck do I update this thing? Every faq says to "plug it into the computer" and use tomtom home.... Well MY CAR WON'T FIT IN MY OFFICE.  I can't take it out because THERE'S NO WAY TO POWER IT IF IT ISN'T IN THE CAR.  I've tried burning the files  to a disc and putting them on a usb drive again with no avail.  If I have to uninstall the entire unit and 40 feet of wire every time I want to update it then it kinda defeats the purpose of having this wonderful conveniance of an "all in one" unit....  Someone please shed some light on this.



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